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A simple and idiomatic Clojure facade around the Mesos JAVA API


Mesomatic provides facilities to interact with Apache Mesos from clojure. It provides a simple and idiomatic facade around the Mesos JAVA API and facilities to help when writing mesos frameworks.

Mesomatic versions match the API version they target, a trailing minor indicates the patch release number, for instance version 1.0.1-r0 will target mesos 1.0.1.

Note that the clojusc Github org has volunteered to maintain the library originally created by pyr at pyr/mesomatic. The new location, clojusc/mesomatic, is now the offical home for the library.



Add this to your leiningen profile:

:dependencies [[clojusc/mesomatic "1.0.1-r1"]]

If you want to use the core.async facade, you will need to pull it in as well:

:dependencies [[clojusc/mesomatic "1.0.1-r1"]
               [clojusc/mesomatic-async "1.0.1-r1"]]


Be sure to examine the example frameworks built with mesomatic.


  • mesomatic.types: contains a facade to and from all protobuf types.
  • mesomatic.scheduler: facades for schedulers and scheduler-drivers
  • mesomatic.executor: facades for executors and executor-drivers
  • mesomatic.async.executor: produce executor callbacks on a channel
  • mesomatic.async.scheduler: produce scheduler callbacks on a channel
  • mesomatic.helpers: utility helpers for cluster decisions

Type conversions

To go to and from protobuf types, mesomatic uses two simple functions:

  • pb->data: yields a data structure from a mesos type, usually in the form of a record.
  • data->pb: converts a data structure to a mesos type.
  • ->pb: convert a plain map to a mesos type hinted at by a keyword

By yielding records, mesomatic provides elements which are homomorphic to maps and can easily be converted back to protobuf.

Special cases

A few cases do not yield records:

  • Scalar values (Protos.Value.Scalar) yield doubles.
  • All enums yield keywords.
  • Set values (Protos.Value.Set) yield sets.
  • Some types containing a single repeated field are unrolled as a seq of their content, such as Protos.Value.Ranges.



  • Target mesos 1.0.1
  • Support for GPU resources
  • Updates for API changes in Java bindings

This release was built with help from:

  • @oubiwann
  • @munk
  • @mforsyth
  • @dgrnbg
  • @alexandergunnarson

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