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Setup a Hystrix ( event stream with jetty 9 for clojure.



[cn.leancloud/ring-jetty-hystrix-adapter "0.2.7"]

Run a jetty server:

(require '[ring-jetty-hystrix-adapter.core :as jetty])

(jetty/run-jetty-with-hystrix {:port 3000
                               :max-threads 10
                               :hystrix-servlet-path "/"
                               :join? false})

Just like ring-jetty-adpater but has a new option hystrix-servlet-path to export hystrix event stream. Please see hystrix-event-stream-clj.

And we add some new options:

:connector-stats?     - Whether to add a jetty connector statistics.
:handler-stats?       - Whether to add a jetty request handler statistics.
:accept-queue-size    - The size of the pending connection backlog.
(jetty/run-jetty-with-hystrix {:port 3000
                               :max-threads 10
                               :hystrix-servlet-path "/"
                               :connector-stats? true
                               :handler-stats? true
                               :join? false})


Copyright © 2015 killme2008

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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