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A conflict handler for log4j2 plugins cache files for the uber task of

Log4j2-based libraries often have a Log4j2Plugins.dat file, containing a cache of formatting plugins. If you build an uberjar containing more then one of these files, you need this conflict handler in order to merge those files correctly.

Note: requires at least version v0.4.0 of (that supports :conflict-handlers). If you use the uber task of the build-clj wrapper for, this log4j2 conflict handler is provided automatically.


Add the following dependency to your :build alias:

  io.github.seancorfield/build-uber-log4j2-handler {:git/tag "v0.1.5" :git/sha "55fb6f6"}

In your build.clj script, require the handler:

(ns build
  (:require [ :as b]
              :refer [log4j2-conflict-handler]])

and then pass it to the uber task:

  (b/uber {... :conflict-handlers log4j2-conflict-handler ...})


Copyright © 2021 Sean Corfield

Distributed under the Apache Software License version 2.0.

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