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WIP: connective


Connective provides an API for each accessing persisted entities and their relationships. The API is designed to be consistent and uniform and provide "good defaults" across multiple backend storage mechanisms. More concretely, this means that the library does not provide a way of accessing the entities themselves. That responsibility is mostly left to the adaptors/implementors and therefore the burden of performance (and consistency semantics) is on the implemention.

Accordingly, the means of accessing the entities is designed to fit in homeogenously with the current system's method of fetching data, regardless of where the API lies in the application's layer (e.g. jdbc, cassandra, walkable, honeysql).

In short, this library is designed to provide a uniform way to access, store, and relate entities.

Inspiration and similar projects:

Use this library, when your solution is presenting simple and direct relationships of entities. Do not use this if you have complex queries (and want to harness the full capabilities of your query language) and performance is a concern.





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