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A library for executing external processes and managing their shell environments.

The library centers around two functions in crusta.core - run and exec.

run covers the most common use case of executing an external process and capturing the contents of its stdout as a string. The call returns a future, which can be dereferenced to get the contents of stdout. If the process exits with a non-zero error code, an ex-info is thrown containing the contents of stderr as well as the exit code of the process.

exec provides for more sophisticated use cases like streaming the output of a process as it is executing etc. The function is accompanied by a series of functions allowing the caller to interact with stdout, stdin and stderr. The following code segment prints the contents of the stdout for a process as they become available using stdout-seq which provides a lazy sequence of lines.

(require '[crusta.core :refer [exec stdout-seq]])

(let [p (exec "some-long-running-command with-parameters")]
  (doseq [line (stdout-seq p)]
    (println line)))

The 'command' passed to both functions can take the form of a single string or a sequence of strings. Additionally environment variables and working directories etc. can be specified via keyword parameters documented in the doc strings of the individual functions.


Arguments that have spaces:

(run ["mv" ["/data/folder name with spaces/file.txt"] ["/data/file name with spaces.txt"]])

Copyright and License

Copyright © 2017 7theta

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License.

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