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A set of re-frame Effect Handlers and dispatch functions in common use across 7theta projects.

Registering the effects handler

The namespace where event handlers are registered, typically events.cljs, is the generally the place where the effects handler can be registered with re-frame.

In order to register the effects handlers, simply require the relevant handler namespaces.

Using the effects handler


Debounces the dispatching of events. Events will only dispatch after timeout ms if no subsequent event has been received with the same :id. If such and event is received, the timer will start again.

This approach is useful for dealing with spikes in events where the processing of intermediate events is not useful until things have "settled", e.g., scrolling, resizing windows etc.

The handler can accept either a map or a sequence of maps. The example below uses a sequence, however the sequence is not necessary if there is only a single dispatch.

{:dispatch-debounce [{:id ::calcaulate-positions-after-resize
                      :timeout 250
                      :action :dispatch
                      :event [:recompute-positons]}]}

:dispatch-n is also a valid action and accepts a sequence of events in the :event key.

Deferred (debounced) events can be cancelled by issuing a :cancel action.

{:dispatch-debounce {:id ::calcaulate-positions-after-resize
                     :action :cancel}}

Alternatively events can be forced to dispatch ignoring the timer by using a :flush action.

{:dispatch-debounce {:id ::calcaulate-positions-after-resize
                     :action :flush}}

Copyright and License

Copyright © 2015, 2016, 2017 7theta

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License.

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