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Malli schema validation, input and output scrubbing for via events and subs.


The >fn macro in via-schema.core allows you to create an enhanced version of a clojure function that is appropriate for use with both signum.subs/reg-sub and

These functions work almost like any normal Clojure function, except inputs and output are both validated when a schema is provided.

(:require [via-schema.core :refer [>fn]])

(def add
   [a b]
   [number? number? => number?]
   (+ a b)))

(add 1 2) ;; => 3

You can easily compose the resulting function with a signum sub, or with a via event.

(:require [signum.subs :refer [reg-sub]])

  [[_ a b]
   [[:tuple _ number? number?] => number?]]
  (+ a b)))

When writing a via event, via-schema will try to do the right thing when it comes to applying the schema to the :via/reply field on an event response.

(:require [ :as se])

  [_ [_ a b]]
  [_ [:tuple _ number? number?] => [:map [:result number?]]]
  {:via/status 200
   :via/reply {:result (+ a b)}}))

Additionally, by default via-schema will scrub unrecognized keys from inputs and outputs, and attempt to coerce inputs and outputs to match their schemas. This option can be enabled/disabled by setting :via-schema.core/coerce to true or false in the function meta map.

Most other options and syntax from should work.

Copyright and License

Copyright © 2021 7theta

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License.

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