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Mollie API for Clojure

Clojure client implementation for Mollie API.

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  • Java 11
  • Clojure 1.11

Quick start

Include the library to your project

See the clojars page for the latest version.

Add require

(require '[com.adgoji.mollie.api :as mollie.api]

Create a new client

(def mollie-client
  (mollie.api/new-client {:api-key "your-api-key"}))

Explore available functions

All functions are available in the com.adgoji.mollie.api namespace:

(mollie.api/create-payment mollie-client
                            {:value    100.00M
                             :currency "EUR"}
                            :description  "Buying some good stuff"
                            :redirect-url ""})
;; => {:com.adgoji.mollie.payment/status :open,
;;     :com.adgoji.mollie.payment/redirect-url "",
;;     :com.adgoji.mollie.payment/resource "payment",
;;     :com.adgoji.mollie.payment/id "tr_oXHpf8Rk8w",
;;     :com.adgoji.mollie.payment/amount
;;     #:com.adgoji.mollie.amount{:value 100.00M, :currency "EUR"},
;;     :com.adgoji.mollie.payment/description "Buying some good stuff",
;;     :com.adgoji.mollie.payment/created-at
;;     #object[java.time.Instant 0x6e7855d9 "2023-06-29T20:36:32Z"],
;;{:href "",
;;                              :type "application/hal+json"},
;;     :com.adgoji.mollie.payment/expires-at
;;     #object[java.time.Instant 0x25f9a736 "2023-06-29T20:51:32Z"],
;;{:href "",
;;                              :type "text/html"},
;;     :com.adgoji.mollie.payment/mode :test,
;;{:href "",
;;                              :type "text/html"},
;;     :com.adgoji.mollie.payment/profile-id "pfl_25emLDBma5",
;;     :com.adgoji.mollie.payment/method nil,
;;{:href "",
;;                              :type "text/html"},
;;     :com.adgoji.mollie.payment/details nil,
;;     :com.adgoji.mollie.payment/sequence-type :oneoff}

(require '[com.adgoji.mollie.payment :as payment])

(::payment/id *1)
;; => "tr_oXHpf8Rk8w"

(mollie.api/get-payment-by-id client "tr_oXHpf8Rk8w")

Usage notes


All functions in the com.adgoji.mollie.api namespace are covered by spec. If your editor supports spec (like CIDER), it's a very convenient way to explore the library:

spec screencast

Response format

All responses are returned as hash maps with fully qualified keywords as keys. Please browse specs for more details.

Client options

  • :base-url (string: optional, default - redefine Mollie API base URL.
  • :api-key (string: required)
  • :check-response? (boolean: optional, default false) - additionally check if response conforms to spec. This is disabled by default, so if response is changed on the Mollie side, client will continue working (although results may be unpredictable).
  • :throw-exceptions? (boolean: optional, default true) - throw exceptions on faulty HTTP statuses (>=400) from Mollie API.

All functions that return list of entities support pagination parameters - from and limit. Both parameters are optional:

  • if both parameters are omitted - return all entities from all pages.
  • if only from parameter is provided - return all entities from all pages starting from the provided entity ID.
  • if only limit parameter is provided - return only requested number of entities starting from the first entity.
  • if both parameters are provided - return only requested number of entities starting from the provided entity ID.


  • [x] API key authentication
  • [x] Customers
    • [x] Create customer
    • [x] Update customer
    • [x] Delete customer
    • [x] Fetch customer by ID
    • [x] Get list of customers
    • [x] Create customer payment
    • [x] Get list of customer payments
  • [x] Payments
    • [x] Create payment
    • [x] Get payment by ID
    • [x] Cancel payment by ID
    • [x] Update payment by ID
    • [x] Get list of payments
  • [x] Mandates
    • [x] Create mandate
    • [x] Get mandate by ID
    • [x] Revoke mandate by ID
    • [x] Get list of mandates
  • [x] Subscriptions
    • [x] Create subscription
    • [x] Get subscription by ID
    • [x] Update subscription by ID
    • [x] Delete subscription by ID
    • [x] Get list of subscriptions
  • [ ] Methods
  • [ ] Refunds
  • [ ] Chargebacks
  • [ ] Captures
  • [ ] Orders
  • [ ] Shipments
  • [ ] Settlements
  • [ ] Organizations
  • [ ] Permissions
  • [ ] Invoices
  • [ ] Mollie connect

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