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Observability integration between ken and


Releases are published on Clojars; to use the latest version with Leiningen, add the following to your project dependencies:

Clojars Project

To report Ken events to Honeycomb, you'll need to configure a Dataset and a WriteKey in your account. Construct a HoneyObserver component and provide the two values:

  '[com.stuartsierra.component :as component]
  '[ken.honeycomb :as hc])

(def hc-observer
    (hc/honey-observer dataset write-key)))

In practice, this observer would probably be part of a larger component system, but you can also set up a global singleton like this since it has no dependencies.

Once started, the observer subscribes a listener to the ken tap which will send all the events it receives to the specified Honeycomb dataset.

Event Processing

By default, the listener sends all event fields provided, after some formatting to make them compatible with Honeycomb's supported types. You can provide some custom preprocessing logic by setting the :transform key to a function which accepts the event data and returns an updated map of data to send.

One use of this is to set rename-default-fields to map ken's internal keys to match the default Honeycomb schema:

  dataset write-key
  :transform hc/rename-default-fields)

If the function returns nil or an empty map, the event will be discarded, so this can also be used to filter out events.

Response Hooks

If you need to respond to various kinds of results of sending an event, you can initialize the component with a :response-observer map, containing any of the following keys:

  • :on-client-rejected
  • :on-server-accepted
  • :on-server-rejected
  • :on-unknown

These should each provide a function which is called with the relevant event.


Copyright © 2021 Amperity, Inc.

Distributed under the MIT License.

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