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Clojure library designed to automate some git operations against a local filesystem (using jgit)


The leiningen dependency is:

Clojars Project

(:require [atomist.git :refer [perform]]

There is really just one function called perform:

(defn json-editor 
  "create an editor so update the conatiner image in a k8 spec"
  [new-image-name data] 
  (update-in [:spec :template :containers 0 :image] (constantly new-image-name)))

;; now execute the full set of 
(perform (File. "/Users/slim/repo/atomist-k8-specs")
  :git-checkout {:branch "prod"}
  :edit         {:file-pattern "80-bot-deployment.json" :editor (partial json-editor "new-image")}
  :git-add      {:file-pattern "80-bot-deployment.json"}
  :git-commit   {:message "here's a new commit message"}
  :git-push     {:remote "origin" :branch "prod"})

The first parameter to perform should be the location of the git repo that you're working on. The remaining args are the set of instructions that you want to perform within this repo.

Today, we just support local jgit instructions, but if we change the first parameter to be remote repos, we could support the atomist git service and the tentacles github api with the same function, and the same "instruction" set. The key idea would be to to define data to represent these "instructions" independently of whether it's a local git repo, or a remote one.

The current schemas are here.

Hopefully, they're pretty self-explanatory. I plan to change the perform operation to do a two-pass things where it first validates all of the input and only then runs the instructions, but the first commit doesn't have that.


I also want to have very simple editors that take the current file data as input and return the new file data. For file types, we don't recognize, the data would just be a String, but the file contains json or yaml, we can pass in editable clojure data structures. See the edit multimethods at the bottom of core.clj

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