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Libraries that fill gaps

This is a mono repository to share modules which are useful for multiple projects. It is open source but all of these libraries are used by Avisi Apps and that will be our main focus.

See the readme of every project in modules for documentation about each module.


data residency migrations Clojars Project

Module for supporting data residency migrations between project instances in different regions.

fulcro-google-remote Clojars Project

Helpers for working a remote that is hosted on google with fulcro fulcro-google-remote

google cloud Clojars Project

Module that bundles wrappers around google-cloud api's and services.

http Clojars Project

Module with helpers for sending http-request.

log Clojars Project

A logging module to do structured logging with Pino which helps you to do structured logging with JSON.

rcf Clojars Project

Helpers for working with RCF

reitit-express Clojars Project

Library to use reitit with clojurescript with Express. This makes it possibble to use reitit easily for Google Cloud functions or Google Cloud run with minimal differences.

rollbar Clojars Project

Library to use Rollbar within a clojurescript Fulcro project. This makes it possible to log React and Fulcro errors.

brevo Clojars Project

Module that contains a handful of helper functions and variabled to manage Brevo emails and contacts.

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