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A PostgreSQL implementation of the konserve kv-protocol on top of HugSQL.


Add to your leiningen dependencies: Clojars Project

The whole purpose of konserve is to have a unified associative key-value interface for edn datastructures. Just use the standard interface functions of konserve.

You can also provide a DB connection object to the new-pg-store constructor as an argument. We do not require additional settings beyond the konserve serialization protocol for the store, so you can still access the store through PostgreSQL directly wherever you need.

  (require '[konserve-pg.core :refer :all]
           '[konserve.core :as k)
  (def pg-store (<!! (new-pg-store "postgres://postgres:postgres@localhost:5432/konserve")))

  (<!! (k/exists? pg-store  "john"))
  (<!! (k/get-in pg-store ["john"]))
  (<!! (k/assoc-in pg-store ["john"] 42))
  (<!! (k/update-in pg-store ["john"] inc))
  (<!! (k/get-in pg-store ["john"]))

  (defrecord Test [a])
  (<!! (k/assoc-in pg-store ["peter"] (Test. 5)))
  (<!! (k/get-in pg-store ["peter"]))



  • binary support
  • use konserve 0.5.0
  • arbitrary key length (hashing)
  • use new reduced konserve interface and serializers


Copyright © 2014-2019 Christian Weilbach and Mihael Konjevic

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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