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0.2.0 Minor updates

So nothing groundbreaking in this release, just firming things up and pushing out changes because they have sat in the repo long enough.

  • bump up to ring 0.1.7
  • optionaly serve static cljsjs resources see
  • experimental - support for a cross over :nodejs Extra Main target to compile a project for the browser and node -- this more than likely wont work in many cases
  • change the way that figwheel.main detects whether clj is launching figwheel from a project directory
  • CSS reloading improvement
  • ensure not zero exit when not watching or building once
  • make syntax errors log at level :warn

0.1.9 Testing

This release has focused on making it much easier to integrate testing into your workflow. Auto-testing, CLI testing for dev ops integration, and headless testing support come together to make testing a major feature in figwheel.main.

See the testing documentation here: See the async main script docs here:

  • auto discovery and display of tests found in your source files with :auto-testing true
  • added async support to the --main CLi arg that also supports non-zero exit status
  • :launch-js option was created to support use of headless environments during testing Learn more
  • fixed regresion where --compile --repl didn't start a repl

0.1.8 Extra Mains, Much better NPM and Global exports support, Smiley!

The new :extra-main-files option makes integrating things like tests and devcards to your build super simple and CPU efficient Learn more

There was a long standing bug with :global-exports support that I was able to squash which in turn led to changes that make working with npm modules much easier.

The new :npm option will help you make quick work of integrating webpack bundled npm modules into your build. Learn more

  • added :pre-build-hooks and :post-build-hooks config options Learn more
  • fixed the figwheel.main api in the CLJS repl so that it works properly under nREPL
  • added the :build-inputs config option Learn More
  • finally added the validation smiley \\(ツ)/, I pretty much had to after I saw this tweet

0.1.7 Fix for nREPL

Fixes a bug that was deleting the listeners that notified the client to reload.

0.1.6 Scripting API

update: hot reloading does not work when figwheel.main is started from nREPL

Added a Scripting API that allows one to start multiple builds and then attach a REPL to any of the running builds. The API also allows one to stop builds and obtain a repl-env from a build (this is expecially helpful for VIM fireplace). See the figwheel.main.api namespace and the docs at

  • ignore preload link tags when reloading CSS

0.1.5 Windows Fix and merge multiple build-ids: --build dev:other

  • fixed a major problem on Windows that created a bad :asset-path which prevented the REPL from connecting
  • merge build args which allows you to supply path seperated build ids to --build
  • allow connect-urls to not have a process-id and still connect
  • change the default build name to "unknown" rather than common name "dev"
  • allow the --serve flag after the --build-once flag, for testing advanced compiles and such
  • throw an error when trying to start a REPL with a level other than :optimizations :none
  • when the compile level is :whitespace, :simple or :advanced only pass :main ns to compiler
  • made the default :asset-path a root path instead of relative
  • add cljs.repl macros (doc, source, and friends) to the REPL
  • now providing much more feedback when a :ring-handler doesn't load, prints out syntax errors etc.
  • added support for the new nREPL
  • setting :reload-clj-files false should still reload cljc files on the CLJS side
  • support code splitting

0.1.4 Move into own Repository

This release was only to establish as the new home of com.bhauman/figwheel-main


  • enable reloading of dependents, configurable with :reload-dependents
  • bump rebel-readline-cljs dep to latest
  • fix the helper app so that it only attempts to operate on a DOM node if it is present
  • added new evalback functionality which gives the client the ability to evaluate cljs through the figwheel REPL connection
  • fixed a problem where js/require couldn't be invoked from the REPL in Node
  • ensure that repl warnings don't make it into the source code for a required ns
  • added some helper content for the new figwheel-main-template
  • validate that symbols in config don't start with quotes (a very common mistake)

0.1.2 Fix for Java 9/10

  • fix classloader bug that prevented figwheel.main from starting Java 9/10
  • fix NPE when nonexistant namespace is provided as main ns

0.1.1 Classpath Repair, Devtools and Helper App

  • add helper app to provide contextual information when launching figwheel.main
  • fix case when target directory is on the classpath but does not exist, as resources will not resolve in this case
  • warn when there is a resources/public/index.html and the resources directory is not on the classpath
  • ensure that the watched directories are on the classpath
  • ensure that the watched directories have source files
  • ensure the directory, that the :main ns is in, is on the classpath
  • auto include binaryage/devtools in opt none builds targeting the browser
  • fixed bug where providing a :ring-handler in build metadata didn't work
  • fixed bug where single compiles with the -c option were not working for optimization levels other than none
  • add :client-log-level option to set the level for client side logging
  • fixed problem where node target builds were launching a browser
  • fixed undefined var warnings in the REPL by ensuring full analysis on REPL start

0.1.0 Initial Release

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