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Clojure client for Liftbridge, a system that provides lightweight, fault-tolerant message streams for NATS.

Liftbridge provides the following high-level features:

  • Log-based API for NATS
  • Replicated for fault-tolerance
  • Horizontally scalable
  • Wildcard subscription support
  • At-least-once delivery support and message replay
  • Message key-value support
  • Log compaction by key

Basic Usage

(require '[com.caioaao.clj-liftbridge.client :as lift])
(import '[io.grpc ManagedChannelBuilder])

;; create the gRPC channel to connect to Liftbridge API
(def grpc-channel (->> (ManagedChannelBuilder/forAddress server-ip server-port)

;; Create  Liftbridge client.
(def lift-client (lift/connect grpc-channel))

;; Create a stream named `foo`
@(lift/create-stream lift-client "foo" {})

;; publish a message to "foo-stream"
(lift/publish lift-client "foo" (.getBytes "hello"))

;; subscribe to the stream starting from the beginning.
(def ch (lift/subscribe lift-client "foo" {:start-at :liftbridge.start-at/earliest-received}))

;; get messages from the channel returned by the subscription function
(require '[clojure.core.async :refer [<!!]])
(println (<!! ch))

;; cleanup
(.shutdown grpc-channel)

For more information, see the API docs.

TODO list

  • [ ] Improve test coverage
  • [ ] publish high level API (on hold - see liftbridge-io/liftbridge-api#10)
  • [ ] Improve connection (or remove attrition caused by the need for a Java class)

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