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This is a library that makes working with URLs in Clojure and ClojureScript a little more pleasant.


url is available in Clojars. Add this :dependency to your Leiningen project.clj:

[com.cemerick/url "0.1.1"]

Or, add this to your Maven project's pom.xml:



Starting with version 0.1.0, url requires Clojure >= 1.5.0. It provides the same API under ClojureScript (tested with ClojureScript 0.0-1835, and should work well with any later revision).


The cemerick.url/url function returns an instance of the cemerick.url.URL record type that allows you to easily work with each datum within the provided URL:

=> (require '[cemerick.url :refer (url url-encode)])
=> (-> (url "")
     (assoc :username "vtUQeOtUnYr7PGCLQ96Ul4zqpDUO4sOE")

url will also accept additional paths to be resolved against the path in the base URL:

=> (url "")
#cemerick.url.URL{:protocol "https", :username nil, :password nil,
                  :host "", :port -1, :path "/", :query nil,
                  :anchor nil}
=> (url "" "1" "users" "profile_image" "cemerick")
#cemerick.url.URL{:protocol "https", :username nil, :password nil,
                  :host "", :port -1,
                  :path "/1/users/profile_image/cemerick", :query nil, :anchor nil}
=> (str *1)
=> (str (url "" "../../lookup.json"))

The :query slot can be a string or a map of params:

=> (str (assoc *3 :query {:a 5 :b 6}))

Note that url does not perform any url-encoding of paths. Use cemerick.url/url-encode to url-encode any paths/path components prior to passing them to url. e.g.:

=> (def download-root "")
=> (str (url download-root "/"))
=> (str (url download-root (url-encode "/")))
=> (str (url download-root (url-encode "/logical/file/path")))

Need Help?

Ping cemerick on freenode irc or twitter if you have questions or would like to contribute patches.


Copyright ©2012 Chas Emerick and other contributors

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure. Please see the epl-v10.html file at the top level of this repo.

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