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A small dropwizard bundle to filter resources based on mode supplied

What does it do?

This bundle essentially restricts/allows the API based on mode supplied

Modes available:

    • Allows only GET resources
    • Allows all resources

Additional options:

  • There might cases where we end up having a read-only API with POST method, cases when we have a request body for filter params and so on. In these scenarios you can annotate specific resource with @ReadOnlyAPI which discounts the HttpMethod and allows all requests even incase of READ_ONLY mode.


Add the repository

    <name>Clojars repository</name>

Add the dependency


Add the bundle to your application

public void initialize(Bootstrap bootstrap) {
    bootstrap.addBundle(new ResourceFilterBundle<ApplicationConfiguration>() {
        public FilterMode withMode(ApplicationConfiguration conf) {
            return conf.getFilterMode();

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