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FOSSA Status

A Leiningen plugin to utilize the JDK's wsimport task from a Leiningen project.


Simply put, this is a thin wrapper around the wsimport command-line tool provided by Oracle's JDK. This is polish for your Leiningen project in case you want to save typing wsimport -some -options, etc. multiple times for each .WSDL.

I created this because I am new to Clojure and want to learn/contribute at the same time.


Currently, this plugin only works against your project.clj configuration settings, so if you haven't already, add this to you're :plugins vector of your project.clj:

[com.clojars.olimsaidov/lein-wsimport "1.1.0"]

Running this plugin from the command-line is simple enough:

$ lein wsimport


WsImport is a task that generates .java and java .class files from a SOAP wsdl file, so you need to specify that your project will be using java sources:

:java-source-paths [ "target/generated/java" ] ;; by default, WSDL sources are generated here

To get this to do something with your wsdls, you will have to configure in your project.clj a :wsimport map. A sample is provided below (with all the available options):

:wsimport { :wsdl-list [ "Sample.wsdl" "ec2.wsdl" … ]
            :compile-java-sources true ;; or false (by default)
            :java-output-directory "target/generated/java" ;; by default
            :keep-java-sources true ;; by default
            :java-package-name "com.corporate.prefix.package"
            :quiet-output true ;; don't show the entirety of the output from Sun's WsImport task
            :jaxb-binding-files [ "binding1" "binding2" ]
            :extra-options ["-extension" "-catalog" ] ;; takes pretty much anything that you'd call from the command-line. call `wsimport` to see what's available

Minimally, all you would have to do if you have vanilla WSDLs that you'd like to codegen for (vanilla, error-free SOAP, lol) is specify :wsdl-list:

:wsimport { :wsdl-list ["List.wsdl" "of.wsdl" "wsdls.wsl"] }

Then, from the command-line, just call lein wsimport to get your sources generated and/or compiled.

Limitation: no separation of project configs per profile

I have not written any handling of profiles and handling multiple and possibly competing WSDL options. I know there might be cases where you would have a couple .wsdl files you want to bring in that each will require separate options. I don't have anything in place to handle that (yet). As is the open-source way, patches are welcome.


There's only one alternative that I know of, clj-soap. It uses Axis2 under the covers, and if you're a fan of that framework (I'm not) it's a good option. I would love to see this project used with Apache CXF instead, but there aren't a whole lot of alternatives out in the SOAP space. This is both good and bad:

  • bad -- not a lot of variety or options in Clojure for enterprisey things (SOAP is far from dead in the enterprise, like COBOL);
  • good -- we all hope SOAP is dying a slow painful death for which new languages decide not to waste alot of time developing against.

I hope for the latter, honestly, but this plugin wouldn't exist if I didn't need to work with SOAP or expected others to have to wade through legacy APIs.


Copyright © 2012 Nick Klauer (

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

FOSSA Status


SOAP is a beast, here's some tips and help:

  • clj-soap - SOAP framework with Axi2 back-end that is written in Clojure if you don't want to use the Clojure/Java Interop with this plugin
  • JAX-WS - Framework for which much of the SOAP/Java interfaces are based off of. This will probably explain why wsimport generates what it does, and how you might be able to use it.
  • - hahaha I just had to link this. If you don't know what SOAP is, this is probably a good place to read about it, but you can tell it's a bit…dated?
  • using the client api with a local WSDL - Again, this is just the Metro docs, but you get the picture. We're not generating a wrapper around JAX-WS, so the JAX-WS site is your best resource for understanding what wsimport generates for you.


  • Implement command-line options parser ?
  • more tests
  • more wsdl examples
  • profile separation of wsdl options from a default, blanket set of options

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