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A functional Clojure progress bar for the command line.


Add the following dependency to your project.clj:

[progrock "0.1.2"]


Require the Progrock namespace:

(require '[progrock.core :as pr])

Then create a new progress bar:

(def bar (pr/progress-bar 100))

The progress bar is just a map of data:

{:progress 0, :total 100, :done? false, :creation-time 1439141590081}

You can alter the progress bar like any data structure, but Progrock supplies two functions to make it a little easier. tick increments the progress by a certain amount, and done marks the progress bar as done.

(pr/tick bar 10)
;;=> {:progress 10, :total 100, :done? false, :creation-time 1439141590081}
(pr/done bar)
;;=> {:progress 0 :total 100, :done? true, :creation-time 1439141590081}

You can render the progress bar as a string:

(pr/render (pr/tick bar 25))
;;=> " 25/100    25% [============                                      ]  ETA: 00:00"

Or print the progress bar directly:

(pr/print (pr/tick bar 25))
;; 25/100    25% [============                                      ]  ETA: 00:00

Printing the progress bar multiple times will overwrite the previous one, allowing it to be animated. For example:

(loop [bar (pr/progress-bar 100)]
  (if (= (:progress bar) (:total bar))
    (pr/print (pr/done bar))
    (do (Thread/sleep 100)
        (pr/print bar)
        (recur (pr/tick bar)))))

You can also extensively customize the progress bar:

(pr/print (pr/tick bar 25)
          {:length 20, :format "|:bar| :progress/:total", :complete \#})
;; |#####               |  25/100



Copyright © 2017 James Reeves

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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