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[com.danboykis/lein-protobuf-compiler "0.0.1"]

This is a stripped-down version of lein-protobuf. The idea for this project was procured from lein-protobuf-minimal-mg. It is similar to lein-protobuf. The most notable difference is that it cannot download and compile the Google protocol buffer compiler for you. You must have protoc installed.

  • It can support multiple include directories. Specify these in your project as :protobuf-includes ["patha" "pathb" "pathc"]
  • It can support multiple proto directories :proto-paths ["resources/protoA" "protoB"]
  • If protoc is not in your path specify it via :protoc "/path/to/your/protoc"

To invoke it simply run

lein protobuf

For an example project see: example directory with person-proto project in this repo.

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