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A Clojure namespace dependency analyzer.



To run clj-depend from Leiningen, check lein-clj-depend plugin.

Clojure CLI (tools.deps)

Add clj-depend as a dependency, preferably under an alias in deps.edn.

{:deps { ,,, }
 :aliases {:clj-depend {:extra-deps {com.fabiodomingues/clj-depend {:mvn/version "0.11.0"}}
                        :main-opts ["-m" "clj-depend.main"]}}}


clj -M:clj-depend


You can use the namespace clj-depend.api to have access to all clj-depend features.


To let clj-depend know the existing layers in your application and the allowed dependencies between these layers, create a .clj-depend directory at the root of the project and inside it a config.edn file.

More details.

Layer Checks

Diagram to exemplify the dependency between layers:

graph TD
    A[foo.controller] --> B[foo.logic]
    A --> C[foo.model]
    B --> C

Configuration file (.clj-depend/config.edn) for diagram above:

{:source-paths #{"src"}
 :layers {:controller {:defined-by         ".*\\.controller\\..*"
                       :accesses-layers #{:logic :model}}
          :logic      {:defined-by         ".*\\.logic\\..*"
                       :accesses-layers #{:model}}
          :model      {:defined-by         ".*\\.model\\..*"
                       :accesses-layers #{}}}}

Rule Checks

Example configuration file (.clj-depend/config.edn):

 :rules [{:defined-by           ".*\\.logic\\..*"
          :should-not-depend-on #{".*\\.controller\\..*"}}]

Circular Dependency Checks

Diagram to exemplify the circular dependency between namespaces:

graph TD
    A[foo.controllers.user] --> B[foo.controllers.customer]
    B --> A

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