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re-frame port using React hooks instead of Reagent.

Designed to be used with Helix or UIx.


This library is in alpha state. While most of the code was copied directly from re-frame, and should be pretty stable, refx's additions need more testing, and the API might still change drastically.


Releases are available from Clojars.


com.fbeyer/refx {:mvn/version "0.0.49"}


[com.fbeyer/refx "0.0.49"]

You can use also use the Git coordinate:

{:deps {refx.core {:git/url ""
                   :git/sha "COMMIT_SHA"
                   :deps/root "core"}}}


See this blog post for an explanation why I started working on refx.

Differences from re-frame

  • subscribe has been replaced with two functions:
    • sub returns a subscription signal, to be used in input functions in reg-sub
    • use-sub is a React hook that return's a subscription's value. These are not atoms and don't need to be dereferenced.
  • query vectors with sub and use-sub do not support the rarely used extra dyn-v argument. See the next point for a superior alternative.
  • query vectors can contain signals returned by sub for dynamic subscriptions
  • subscriptions support other signals than app-db as input. Anything that satisfies the ISignal protocol, which includes atoms.


See the examples directory for re-frame's todomvc, implemented with Helix and UIx.


Distributed under the MIT License.
Copyright © 2022 Ferdinand Beyer

This software uses third-party open-source software.
See NOTICE for individual copyright and license notices.

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