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wet is a pure Clojure/ClojureScript port of the Liquid template language built on top of Instaparse.



[superkonduktr/wet "0.2.0"]


{:deps {superkonduktr/wet {:mvn/version "0.2.0"}}}


In the vein of the original library, wet provides a minimalistic interface comprising parse and render functions. Calling wet from Clojure and ClojureScript is completely identical.

wet.core is the only namespace you are going to need.

(:require [wet.core :as wet])

An example

Prepare the template:

(def template
  (str "{{ season | capitalize }} kept us warm, {{ 'cover' | gerund }} "
       "{{ planets.habitable[0] }} in forgetful snow, {{ 'feed' | gerund }} "
       "a {{ size }} life with dried tubers."))

;; An intermediate representation of the parsed template
(def parsed-template
  (wet/parse template))

It may also be convenient to request a rudimentary template analysis from the parser prior to rendering with the :analyse? option. That way, a basic summary of the template's contents can be collected from the parsed template's metadata.

(def parsed-template
  (wet/parse template {:analyse? true}))
(meta parsed-template)
=> {:lookups #{"season" "planet" "size"},
    :core-filters #{"capitalize"},
    :custom-filters #{"gerund"}}

Finally, obtain the rendered result:

  ;; :params may contain any Clojure data structures
  {:params {:season "winter"
            :planets {"habitable" ["Earth" "Mars"]}
            :size "little"}
   ;; Any Clojure function of arity one or more may act as a Liquid filter
   ;; when passed in the :filters map. The first argument is the object
   ;; being transformed, and the rest is passed to the filter as parameters.
   ;; For detailed examples on filters please consult wet.filters-test.
   :filters {:gerund (fn [verb] (str verb "ing"))}})
=> "Winter kept us warm, covering Earth in forgetful snow, feeding a little life with dried tubers."

The complete list of core Liquid filters can be found in wet.filters.


Aleksey Burlak

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