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Foxtrot Client Travis build status

This libary is a smart client to the Foxtrot event storage and analytics framework.

  • Uses service discovery to find foxtrot nodes
  • Maintains connection pool to individual nodes
  • Maintains local cache of nodes
  • Provides configurable node selectors to send a message
  • Provides multiple types of event senders:
    • Synchronous event sender. It sends one or more events directly to Foxtrot.
    • Queued event sender.
      • Uses a persistent disk based queue.
      • Uses a syncronous sender on a separate thread to batch and send events to Foxtrot.


Use the following repository in your pom.xml:

    <name>Clojars repository</name>

Use the following maven dependency:


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Initialize the Client like this:

FoxtrotClientConfig config = new FoxtrotClientConfig();
config.setTable("test");                           //Your foxtrot table name
config.setLocalQueuePath("/tmp/foxtrot-messages"); //Giving this path means it will use the queued sender
config.setHost("");          //Load balancer hostname/ip
config.setPort(80);                                //Load balancer port

FoxtrotClient foxtrotClient = new FoxtrotClient(config);

Send events:

                    new Document(
                                UUID.randomUUID().toString(),             //ID
                                System.currentTimeMillis(),               //Timestamp
                                new ObjectNode(nodeFactory)               //Data
                                        .put("testField", "Santanu Sinha") 

Close when done (program stop):


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