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A Clojure library that emits usage diagrams for your project.



  1. For some graph types it will load all the source files you give it, so beware of any top-level side-effects.
  2. It doesn't reflect macro usage at all. Any macros in your project will appear unused, as only the expanded code is analyzed.
  3. Needs better support for top level effects, protocols, and records.


Leiningen coordinates:

[com.gfredericks/clj-usage-graph "0.3.0"]

User Profile Setup

You can use clj-usage-graph simply by adding it as a dependency and calling the appropriate functions, but I like this setup in my ~/.lein/profiles.clj:

  :aliases {"var-graph"
            ["with-profile" "+clj-usage-graph" "lein" "run"
             "-m" "com.gfredericks.clj-usage-graph/var-graph"]
            ["with-profile" "+clj-usage-graph" "lein" "run"
             "-m" "com.gfredericks.clj-usage-graph/namespace-graph"]}}

 ;; separate profile so that we only have these deps when we're
 ;; actually using clj-usage-graph
 {... :dependencies [...
                     [com.gfredericks/clj-usage-graph "0.3.0"]]}


Make sure you have graphviz installed and thus the dot command available. The following examples use the aliases defined above.

Var Usage Graphs

find src -type f | \
xargs lein var-graph | \
dot -Tsvg -o g.svg

Namespace Usage Graphs

find src -type f | \
xargs lein namespace-graph | \
dot -Tsvg -o g.svg


Copyright © 2013 Gary Fredericks

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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