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Webscale is a stupid casual persistence thing where it stores state changes (events) as pretty-printed edn in regular files so you can check it into git or something. It supports rolling the event files and caching snapshots of the state for quick startup.

Don't use it for important things, it's not a good idea.


[com.gfredericks/webscale "0.1.5"]


(require '[com.gfredericks.webscale :as webscale])

;; a vanilla function of the sort you would use with reduce
(defn event-counts-fn
  [state ev]
  (update state (:type ev) (fnil inc 0)))

;; Here {} is the initial state
(def store (webscale/create event-counts-fn {} "data"))

(deref store)
;; => {}

(doseq [ev [{:type :a}
            {:type :b}
            {:type :a}]]
  (webscale/update! store ev))

(deref store)
;; => {:a 2, :b 1}

(doseq [ev [{:type :c}
            {:type :b}
            {:type :d}]]
  (webscale/update! store ev))

;; => {:a 2, :b 2, :c 1, :d 1}

;; You wouldn't normally have multiple stores for the same
;; configuration, but this demonstrates how it reads the events from
;; disk when you re-initialize.
(deref (webscale/create event-counts-fn {} "data"))
;; => {:a 2, :b 2, :c 1, :d 1}


Copyright © 2015 Gary Fredericks

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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