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A Clojure library that defines a wrapper around secp256k1-kmp. As secp256k1-kmp, we try to follow as much of the original secp256k1 lib as possible.

Extra functions that can be helpful on the day-to-day can the added to the clj-secp256k1.utils namespace.

Contributions for new functions and documentation are welcome.


(ns example.core
  (:require [clj-secp256k1.secp256k1 :as secp256k1]
            [clj-secp256k1.utils.hex :as utils.hex]
            [clj-secp256k1.utils.sha256 :as utils.sha256]))

(def some-secret-key "c90fdaa22168c234c4c6628b80dc1cd129024e088a67cc74020bbea63b14e5c9")
(def some-public-key "dd308afec5777e13121fa72b9cc1b7cc0139715309b086c960e18fd969774eb8")
(def some-aux-rand32 "c87aa53824b4d7ae2eb035a2b5bbbccc080e76cdc6d1692c4b0b62d798e6d906")

(defn -main
  (let [message      (-> (utils.sha256/generate "message that will be signed")
        secret-key   (utils.hex/decode some-secret-key)
        public-key   (utils.hex/decode some-public-key)
        aux-rand32   (utils.hex/decode some-aux-rand32)
        sig          (secp256k1/sign-schnorr message secret-key aux-rand32)]
    (assert (secp256k1/verify-schnorr sig message public-key))))


Linux and Apple(Intel)

  • Leiningen
[com.github.Marcelo-Theodoro/clj-secp256k1 "0.3.0"]
  • deps.edn
com.github.Marcelo-Theodoro/clj-secp256k1 {:mvn/version "0.3.0"}

Note for Apple Silicon Users

  • You must execute the project with a x86_64 version of Java. Adding :java-cmd in your project.clj with a custom path for a compatible Java should work.

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