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Python's f-string for Clojure!

After switching to Clojure the only thing I really missed was the f-string syntax. Remember?

name = "John Smith"
print(f'Hello, {name}!')
>>> Hello, John Smith!

Real handy. So as an excercise, I made the same for Clojure:

(require [blaster.clj-fstring :refer [f-str]])

(def who "John Smith")
(f-str "Hello, {who}!") ;; => "Hello, John Smith!"

f-string has no dependencies, only the standard library.


You can install from Clojars:

{com.github.blasterai/clj-fstring {:mvn/version "1.1.1"}}


Some examples, including escape syntax:

  (require [blaster.clj-fstring :refer [f-str]]

  (def who "John Smith")
  (f-str "Hello, {who}!") ;; => "Hello, John Smith!"

  ;; It also works with arbitrary expressions
  (f-str "1 + 1 = {(+ 1 2)}") ;; => "1 + 1 = 3"

  ;; And it has a simple escape syntax in case you actually need the curly brackets
  (f-str "This is not evaluated '{spam}");; => "This is not evaluated {spam}"

  (let [where "Sparta"]
    (f-str "This is {where}!"))


Run the project's tests (they'll fail until you edit them):

$ clojure -T:build test

Lint with Eastwood:

$ clojure -T:build eastwood

Build a deployable jar of this library:

$ clojure -T:build ci

Bump version:

$ clojure -T:build bump-version :bump :patch

Deploy to Clojars:

$ clojure -T:build deploy

Your library will be deployed to com.github.blasterai/clj-fstring.


Copyright © 2021

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License version 1.0.

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