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A Clojure library designed to send custom metrics to datadog through the DogStatsD agent.


Sends the metric value to dogstatsD using UPD, the main function is ddstatsd_clj.core/send-metric.

connection-mapmapMap containing the host and port which the metric will be sent.
metric-namestringThe name of metric, kebab case is converted to snake case in the dd metric panel
typestringMetric type, allowed values: increment, decrement, timing, gauge
valueintInteger value for the metric.
tagsmapMap containing the tags for the metric


(def connection-map {:host "localhost" :port 8125})

;; Metric without any tag
(send-metric connection-map "my_super_metric.count" "increment" 1)

;; Metric with some tag
(send-metric connection-map "my_another_super_metric.count" "increment" 10 {:env "production"})

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