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A Leiningen plugin to run clj-kondo.


Running clj-kondo through Leiningen has some advantages, since it can compute for you things that would have to be specified by hand otherwise (and those things can be forgotten, outdated, etc).

It also provides the ability to express clj-kondo options as Lein project map options, which can work nicely with Lein profiles, plugins, etc.

With using Leiningen, there's the tradeoff of startup speed, which might not be as critical in a CI environment as it is in your CLI.


Add the plugin to your project.clj:

:plugins [[com.github.clj-kondo/lein-clj-kondo "0.2.5"]]


This plugin accepts one of the following patterns:

  • lein clj-kondo
    • This lints your :source-paths and :test-paths, as computed by Leiningen.
    • It is necessary that you have analysed the project beforehand (see below)
  • lein clj-kondo <options>
    • This is a good place to analyse your project, or to lint directories other than the :source-paths and :test-paths.
    • For more information on all available options, check the documentation.

Lein CLI

$ # 1.- Analyse your project:
$ lein with-profile +test clj-kondo --copy-configs --dependencies --parallel --lint '$classpath'
$ # 2.- Lint your source and test paths:
$ lein with-profile +test clj-kondo

Activating the +test profile is recommended, so that any :test dependencies are analysed, increasing linting accuracy.

(Note that the :dev profile is already active by default)


You can configure your project.clj to add custom aliases to run specific clj-kondo tasks, below you can find a simple example which first lints the project dependencies and then lints the project code:

:aliases {"clj-kondo-deps" ["with-profile" "+test" "clj-kondo" "--copy-configs" "--dependencies" "--parallel" "--lint" "$classpath"]
          "clj-kondo-lint" ["do" ["clj-kondo-deps"] ["with-profile" "+test" "clj-kondo"]]}


lein-clj-kondo understands clj-kondo config expressed as :config in a Leiningen project map. Example:

;; Enable a specific linter
:clj-kondo {:config {:linters {:docstring-leading-trailing-whitespace {:level :warning}}}}

The traditional ways of specifying options of course keep working:

  • You can place a .clj-kondo/config.edn file in your project.
  • You can use the --config ... CLI option.


bb tag x.y.z to tag the new release, github actions will do the deploy to clojars automatically.

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