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Clojars Project

Stuart Sierra's dependency library, but I started over using deps-new to get a feel for the new deps thing.

Manual steps required (or things which could be in a template)

  1. deps-new generates a pom.xml but this appears to be worthless - just delete it
  2. The generated POM is still missing a lot of information. See #template-pom for more info.


  1. Create a template/pom.xml
  2. Reference in build.clj ci function eg (assoc opts :src-pom "template/pom.xml").

Lots of caveats

  1. The template file requires the schema info on the project tag, otherwise the generated POM is unusable.
  2. clojars uses the scm section to link back to github, and it isn't autogenerated from the reverse-domain groupid - You'll have to include it.
  3. Both build-clj and clojars expect a tag to be available, and by default build-clj writes it to the POM in a certain format. To be compliant, tag release commits with vX.X.X. The v is important!
  4. If you don't tag correctly, cljdoc won't work!!!
  5. You also MUST include modelVersion in the pom template. I guess the auto-generator isn't sure what to specify when it gets template data? Omitting this will also prevent cljdoc from functioning.

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