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This is a Leiningen plugin that will compile Less CSS files (see using the less.js compiler running on the GraalVM. lein-less is ideal for compiling Less CSS files during automated builds: compilation happens as part of your regular leiningen build without requiring any tools or configuration other than your leiningen project file.

Forked from archived montoux/lein-less


This plugin is only tested against recent versions of leiningen and clojure. Works with GraalVM CE 20.0.0


To install the plugin, add [brsyuksel/lein-less "1.7.5"] to your project.clj file:

  :plugins [[brsyuksel/lein-less "1.7.5"]]

The plugin will compile .less files found in your leiningen project's resource directories.

To compile .less files once:

lein less once

To continuously compile .less files whenever a file changes:

lein less auto


You can configure different behaviour by adding a :less map to your leiningen project:

  :less {:source-paths ["src/main/less"]
         :target-path "target/public/css"}

If you want less compilation to happen on regular lein targets (e.g. compile), add leiningen.less to your leiningen project file's hooks:

  :hooks [leiningen.less]


Copyright © 2015 Montoux Ltd.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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