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SQL component that can load configurations from AWS RDS.

Can use lore to manage encrypted passwords.


[com.github.csm/prequels "0.1.3"]
(require '[com.stuartsierra.component :refer [start system-map using]])
(require '[prequels.core :refer :all])

; static arg-map is just a java.jdbc database spec, with support for
; encrypted passwords.
(def static-spec (start (map->SQLConnection {:connection-type :static
                                             :arg-map {:dbtype "mysql"
                                                       :user "mysql"
                                                       :dbname "mydb"}})))

; use (:jdbc-spec static-spec) in calls

; RDS arg-map resolves the given RDS cluster ID.
(def system (start (system-map
                     :secret-store (lore.component/map->SecretStore {:store-type :kms})
                     :sql-conn (using
                                 (map->SQLConnection {:connection-type :rds
                                                      :arg-map {:cluster-id "my-rds-cluster"
                                                                :read-only? true
                                                                :encrypted-password "Base64EncodedData/=="
                                                                :aws {:region "us-west-2"}}})
                                 {:secret-store :secret-store}))))

You will need the Cognitect AWS API in your dependencies to resolve RDS clusters.

You'll also likely want next.jdbc and the appropriate JDBC driver for your database.

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