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Data-driven Swagger clients.

Alpha, subject to change.

(require '[vainglory.client :as v])

; load a swagger spec from anything that can turn into a reader: files, URLs, etc.
(def petstore (v/load-json ""))
(def petstore-client (v/client petstore))

; all available ops returned as a map from v/ops
(v/ops petstore-client)

; get a data description of an operation
(:findPetsByStatus (v/ops petstore-client))

; invoke an operation
(v/invoke petstore-client {:op :findPetsByStatus :request {:status ["available"]}})

; async invoke is also available
(require '[vainglory.async :as va])
(require '[manifold.deferred :as d])

; invoke returns a manifold deferred that will yield the result
  (va/invoke petstore-client {:op :findPetsByStatus :request {:status ["sold"]}})
  (fn [result] ...))

Only supports Swagger 2.0 at the moment, and won't tell the difference if you feed it something else.

Mad props: inspired by aws-api.

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