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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.


0.4.8 - 2024-02-09

  • Fix for a bug where last line in a .fractl file having a ; comment would lead to parsing error.
  • New path-query syntax
  • Change-notifications from external systems
  • Common auth-interface for resolvers
  • Context support in resolver methods
  • Support for data-migration between fractl versions
  • Fix default port and add a server message
  • Ensure tokens removed from AWS Cognito aren't used to interact with Fractl
  • Update GPT Codebase and API structure
  • Add Magiclinks support
  • Step-wise loader support
  • Add support for fine-tuned OpenAI models
  • HTTP utility function for the GET method

0.4.7 - 2023-11-14

  • Change project-prefix for publishing in Clojars
  • Fix expression loading for cljs
  • Minor bug fixes in REPL

0.4.6 - 2023-11-10

  • after/before crud-events
  • New Fractl REPL support on CLI
  • GPT support on Fractl with ai endpoints
  • Support lookup of deleted instances
  • Rename of identity properties

0.4.5 - 2023-10-02

  • Refactor relationships syntax and internal schema
  • Optimized internal representation of instance-meta
  • Refactor RBAC logic and internal schema
  • Soft-deletion support for instances in store
  • POST endpoint can be used to create multiple-instances
  • GET endpoint can be passed a __tree option to fetch the relationship tree rooted on a contains parent
  • Data filtering using GET query parameters

0.4.0 - 2023-07-05

  • GPT integration for generating app

0.3.3 - 2023-06-27

  • Significant RBAC related enhancements
    • RBAC centered around graph data model
    • RBAC DSL
  • RESTful API changes
  • Bug fixes

0.3.2 - 2023-06-08

  • Replace Upsert with Create and Update
  • Relationship bug fixes

0.3.1 - 2023-05-31

  • Support relationships in upsert/lookup dataflows
  • Fractl Kernel is now a standalone model
  • Build integration with fx for generating frontend app
  • Whitelist support for Cognito signups
  • Auto-confirmation of users for Cognito userpools if whitelist is set to false
  • Fractl doc command to generate documentation for fractl models

0.3.0 - 2023-02-10

  • Graph data model with relationships
  • New Auth and RBAC infrastructure

0.2.3 - 2022-01-17

  • Security fix for log4j vulnerability
  • New auth0-user resolver
  • Auth0-user resolver to create (signup) a database user in fractl
  • Auth0-user resolver to login the user
  • Bug-fixes in compose of Auth0User entity to save the user to the database
  • Proper alias support for queries and for-each
  • Pattern evaluation can be attached to attributes via :eval
  • Updated libraries

0.2.2 - 2021-12-08

  • Dynamic query support, wildcard queries
  • Relational schema mapping for entities
  • try and await for asynchronous programming
  • The :and operator made explicit in queries
  • Meta API to return api information
  • Query filter bug fix
  • Secure passwords in the database by using bycrypt hashing
  • Bug fix to prevent full-name qualifier for special character like: % which is used inside for-each

0.2.1 - 2021-10-22

  • Configurable expression compiler, custom parsers can be attached to tagged :expr attribute values. Immediate use case is supporting declarative UI spec
  • Bug fixes in query filtering for un-indexed attributes

0.2.0 - 2021-10-04

  • First customer release!!!
  • Resolver changes to support nested resolvers
  • AWS Lambda support
  • Bug fixes related to timer

0.1.6 - 2021-09-15

  • Fix list attribute bug
  • Add comprehensive date, time and datetime support
  • Add support for Timed events and new :Kernel/Timer functionality
  • Add support for CSV store

0.1.5 - 2021-08-23

  • Add descriptive errors for different types of errors (like reference error, wrong lookup of id, attribute name mismatch)
  • Remove extra info printed on terminal when http server is running
  • Models as libraries with dependency specifications
  • Compound attributes in records
  • Direct query support in :for-each
  • Auto-generation of entities from existing DB schema

0.1.4 - 2021-07-13

  • Zero-trust RBAC - events execution and CRUD on entities require RBAC.
  • Trigger AppInit event on startup.
  • Data race fix in cell update.
  • Fix postgres issues.
  • :Kernel/DateTime is now unique-able for H2 database.
  • Updated :Kernel/DateTime format.
  • Show stacktrace in logs.

0.1.3 - 2021-06-24

  • Add salesforce/sdfc drivers(libraries)
  • Postgres support
  • Git/Email/SMS resolver
  • Support for inheritance of attributes from base record
  • Autoquoting support
  • More accurate interpretation of the numeric types
  • Enhanced Logs with support for riemann, kibana, etc with log rotations
  • New Policies for CRUD access
  • Authentication model to enforce policies
  • Policy support - RBAC and logging
  • New internal type :Kernel/Path.


  • Everything since the beginning!

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