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Neo4J Clojure client

Neo4clj is an idiomatic Clojure client, exclusively using Bolt for performance.


Add the following dependency to project.clj:

Clojars Project

Getting started

(require '[neo4clj.client :as client])

;; Create a connection to the Neo4j server
(def connection
  (client/connect "bolt://localhost:7687" "neo4j" "password"))

;; Create a new node on the connected server and return it
  {:ref-id "N"
   :labels [:person]
   :props {:first-name "Thomas"
           :last-name "Anderson"}})

;; Close the connection to the Neo4J server
(client/disconnect connection)

Clojure representations

Neo4clj uses Clojure maps to represent Nodes and Relationships. To learn more please see Clojure Representations


To learn more about how to use Neo4clj please take a look at our examples

Supported Features

Neo4clj supports the following features via the Bolt Protocol:

Neo4clj also supports the following operations through idiomatic functions:

  • Create, read, update and delete nodes
  • Create, read, update and delete relationships
  • Create and read a complete graph
  • Create and delete indexes

Test utilities

It is possible to write unit tests for Neo4clj executions, using our test utilities.


Add the following dependency to project.clj under your test profile:

Clojars Project


Require the test utils in your test namespace:

(:require [neo4clj.test-utils :as test-utils])

Then initialize an in-memory Neo4J database using with-db:

(test-utils/with-db conn {:initial-data ["CREATE (n:TestNode) RETURN n"]}
  ;; Your test code here
  (client/execute! conn "MATCH (n:TestNode) RETURN n")

The symbol conn contains the Neo4J DB connection and can be used in all neo4clj client calls.

The :initial-data key value is a vector of Cypher strings, these Cypher strings are run when the database is created.

Version matrix

Neo4cljClojureneo-java-driverNeo4j Server


This project has been inspired by the work of two other projects listed below.

Neocons by Michael Klishin ( neo4j-clj by Christian Betz (


Copyright (C) 2021 Claus Engel-Christensen, Jacob Emcken, and the Full Spectrum team.

Licensed under the Eclipse Public License

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