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Simple fast library that compress, encrypt and encode data, for session storage and other use-cases

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Always call (codex/register-serialisers!) once to ensure all the clojure serializers are added.

Default Encoder

(require '[codex.core :as codex])


;; the default encoder uses :aes-cbc-hmac( lz4 (kryo ...)))
(def encoder (codex/default-encoder (codex/expand-pass :sha256+hmac512 "secret")))

(def data {:a 1 :b {:c [1 2 3]}})

(def encrypted-data (codex/encode encoder data))
(def decoded-data (codex/decode encoder encrypted-data))
;; using records
(defrecord MyRecord [a b])

(codex/register-record! MyRecord)

(def encoder  (codex/default-encoder (codex/expand-pass :sha256+hmac512 "secret")))
(def encrypted-data (codex/encode encoder (->MyRecord 1 2)))
(def decoded-data (codex/decode encoder encrypted-data))

Combining Encoders

(require '[codex.core :as codex])


(def encoder (->>
                  (codex/kryo-encoder)                              ;; convert to bytes
                  (codex/lz4-encoder)                               ;; compress
                  (codex/crypto-encoder                             ;; encrypt
                    (codex/expand-pass :sha256+hmac512 "secret"))))

(def data {:a 1 :b {:c [1 2 3]}})

(def encrypted-data (codex/encode encoder data))
(def decoded-data (codex/decode encoder encrypted-data))


This library uses Kryo to serialise objects to byte arrays and back.
Its only pain point is that to be efficient every class and type must be registered.

;; Register new records
(codex/register-record!  ...)

;; Bring your own Kryo Serializer
(codex/register-serializer! ...)

Important!! please read.

The Kryo library uses integers to identity types and serializers when reading a message.
When you do not specify this integer (as with the functions above), the order is important.
This is not an issue if the messages you store are not long lived. If they are, like disk persistent
you must use the Registration class and hard code a "id" integer to avoid situations where if you change the order (this is easy to get wrong) your messages will not be readable.


;; and

for examples.

More examples:

For More Examples see:






Contributions PRs and suggestions are always welcome.

Please ping me directly in the "issues" on "gerritjvv" or send me an email at, this way the issues/pull-requests won't just linger if github notifications doens't work.

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