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VM Agent

VM Agent is an agent that runs in an Azure VM and selectively exposes some APIs of the blockchain client running alongside it.

This project features,

Getting Started

  • Install the Clojure CLI tools, preferably in a *nix environment (Windows Subsystem for Linux works fine.) Outside WSL, Windows support is experimental at this point.

  • Build the project and create a Docker image in one step,

      > clojure -A:pack mach.pack.alpha.jib \
                --image-name $DOCKER_REGISTRY/vm-agent:0.1.0 \
                --image-type docker \
                -m vm-agent.server

    $DOCKER_REGISTRY is any registry where you want to host the image. For Azure Container Registry, use <registry>

  • Start the server,

      > docker run $DOCKER_REGISTRY/vm-agent:0.1.0
  • Try one of the examples.


curl -i \
     -X POST \
     -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
     -H 'Accept: application/json' \

Note: There are known networking limitations when running Docker on Windows. Try these workarounds,

  1. Run Docker in a Vagrant VM.
  2. Run cURL in a container that is attached to the same network.


Currently, these APIs are exposed,

#{["/besu/block-number"         :get    (conj common-interceptors besu/read-block-number)]
  ["/besu/syncing"              :get    (conj common-interceptors besu/syncing)]
  ["/besu/public-key"           :get    (conj common-interceptors besu/read-public-key)]
  ["/besu/enode-url"            :get    (conj common-interceptors besu/read-enode-url)]
  ["/besu/accounts/"            :get    (conj common-interceptors besu/read-accounts)]
  ["/besu/peers/"               :get    (conj common-interceptors besu/read-peers)]
  ["/besu/peers/"               :post   (conj common-interceptors besu/add-peer)]
  ["/besu/peers/"               :delete (conj common-interceptors besu/remove-peer)]
  ["/besu/validators/"          :get    (conj common-interceptors besu/read-validators)]
  ["/besu/validators/"          :post   (conj common-interceptors besu/add-validator)]
  ["/besu/validators/"          :delete (conj common-interceptors besu/remove-validator)]
  ["/besu/send-raw-transaction" :post   (conj common-interceptors besu/send-raw-transaction)]}

Take a look at the handlers. The code is well documented.

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