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A Leiningen plugin related to dependency licenses. A fork of tools-licenses, which in turn is inspired by the already existing (discontinued) lein-licenses Leiningen plugin (we've come full circle). Similar to tools-licenses, this new plugin has the added benefit of license canonicalisation (leveraging the excellent Software Package Data Exchange (SPDX) standard) and the ability to check your project against the Apache Software Foundation's 3rd Party License Policy.


  1. licenses - attempt to display the licenses used by all transitive dependencies of the project
  2. check-asf-policy - attempt to check your project's compliance with the ASF's 3rd Party License Policy

Using the library


FAQ is available here.


Add the following to your project.clj :plugins list:

[com.github.johnnyjayjay/lein-licenses "0.2.0"]

Use the build tasks

licenses task

Example summary output:

$ lein licenses
This project: Apache-2.0

License                                  Number of Deps
---------------------------------------- --------------
Apache-2.0                               72
BSD-3-Clause                             1
CDDL-1.0                                 1
EPL-1.0                                  35
GPL-2.0-with-classpath-exception         2
LGPL-2.1                                 2
MIT                                      6
NON-SPDX-Public-Domain                   1

Use lein licenses :detailed to get detailed, per-dependency output (too long to reasonably include here).

If you see NON-SPDX-Unknown license identifiers, and/or the task displays a list of dependencies with unknown licenses, please raise an issue here.

check-asf-policy task

Example summary output:

$ lein check-asf-policy
Category                       Number of Deps
------------------------------ --------------
Category A                     79
Category A (with caveats)      1
Category B                     32
Creative Commons Licenses      0
Category X                     0
Uncategorised                  0

For more information, please see

Use lein check-asf-policy :detailed to get detailed, per-dependency output (too long to reasonably include here).

Contributor Information

Contributor Guidelines

Bug Tracker

Code of Conduct

Developer Workflow

This project uses the git-flow branching strategy, with the caveat that the permanent branches are called main and dev, and any changes to the main branch are considered a release and auto-deployed (JARs to Clojars, API docs to GitHub Pages, etc.).

For this reason, all development must occur either in branch dev, or (preferably) in temporary branches off of dev. All PRs from forked repos must also be submitted against dev; the main branch is only updated from dev via PRs created by the core development team. All other changes submitted to main will be rejected.


Copyright © 2021 Peter Monks

Distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0

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