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A Leiningen plugin that

  1. adds md5 hashes to the filenames of your static assets and
  2. uses these filenames in your index.html.

This allows you to permit caching of your static assets, without the risk of users ever seeing outdated versions due to caching. Do not allow caching of index.html itself, however.


First, put [com.github.ljpengelen/lein-hash-assets "x.y.z"] into the :plugins vector of your project.clj. The latest version is shown in the badge below.

Clojars Project

Second, add a configuration of the following form to your project.clj:

:hash-assets {:source-root "resources/public"
              :target-root "dist"
              :index "index.html"
              :files ["css/screen.css" "js/compiled/app.js"]}

Then, execute the following command:

$ lein hash-assets

For the given configuratio, this will calculate the md5 hashes of resources/public/css/screen.css and resources/public/js/compiled/app.js, and place copies of these files with the corresponding hashes in their filename into dist/css/screen-<hash>.css and dist/js/compiled/app-<hash>.js. Additionally, it will copy resources/public/index.html into dist/index.html, with all references to the original files replaced by their renamed counterparts.



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