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Test AsciiDoc and CommonMark code blocks found in articles and docstrings

Sample code in docs, while likely not malicious, could be illustrating, for example, how to wipe a drive. So, do be deliberate and careful about what docs you run through test-doc-blocks.


Alpha - early adopters and feedback welcome!


I wanted to make sure the code examples I provided in rewrite-clj v1 documentation do not mislead and do function as expected for those who dare to try them. You might want the same for your library.

Used to Test Docs In…​

  • honeysql - Turn Clojure data structures into SQL

  • rewrite-clj - Rewrite Clojure Code and EDN!

  • test-doc-blocks - Test AsciiDoc and CommonMark code blocks found in articles and docstrings (meta, right?)

Have an update? Let us know!


Test-doc-block versioning scheme is: major.minor.patch-test-qualifier

  • major increments when the API has been broken - something, as a rule, we’d like to avoid.

  • minor increments to convey significant new features have been added.

  • patch indicates bug fixes - it is the number of commits in the repo.

  • test-qualifier is absent for stable releases. Can be alpha, beta, rc1, etc.


Copyright © 2021 Lee Read, all rights reserved.

Distributed under the EPL License, same as Clojure. See LICENSE.

Based on concepts in @seancorfield’s readme, which is distributed under EPL v1.0 or later.

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