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Clojure REPL extensions

Some convenience macros helping to utilize 120% of your Clojure REPL.



Clojure REPL has changed my way of writing software. Being able to inspect and modify running applications and test modifications in-place has significantly improved my productivity and given a lot of joy that other development tools haven't been able to provide.

That said, there is still some room to improve. Evaluating top level functions is easy but sometimes there is a need to dig deeper into application internals. Perhaps some specific HTTP request in your development server causes an exception but don't known how to replicate that behaviour with REPL? Would it be possible to "capture" the input somehow and then continue debugging the app with REPL? Would it be nice to evaluate single forms inside functions but can't because they bind some local symbols from let?

This project introduces some convenience macros and utilities that have brought my REPL development experience to a whole new level. Using these utilities, I can capture almost any temporal state of my application and evaluate almost any form from my codebase within seconds. No more println debugging.

This project is meant as development time tooling only, do not use in production environments!

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