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Better fixtures for Clojure

Why does clojure.test limit us to a single set of :each and :once fixtures for all tests in a namespace?

Shouldn't we have the granularity of being able to apply particular fixtures to an individual test?

fixa lets you define fixtures at the individual test level using a simple metadata notation.

Clojars Project


Firstly you need to add the fixa metadata to your test vars, then choose the appropriate instructions for your test runner (kaocha or clojure.test).

Note that the fixa fixtures will run after any fixtures defined by use-fixtures.

Annotate your tests

Add :fixa/fixture (singular) or :fixa/fixtures (a list) as metadata to your deftest:

(deftest ^{:fixa/fixture fixture-a} single-fixture-test
  (is (= 1 1)))

(deftest ^{:fixa/fixtures [fixture-a fixture-b]} multiple-fixtures-test
  (is (= 1 1)))


All that's needed is the fixa.kaocha/wrap-run plugin. Add it to your tests.edn like this:

#kaocha/v1 {:plugins [:hooks]
            :kaocha.hooks/wrap-run [fixa.kaocha/wrap-run]}


Unfortunately due to the way clojure.test is written, an alternative deftest is required to smuggle the fixtures through.

(require '[fixa.clj-test :refer [deftest]])

(deftest ^{:fixa/fixture fixture-a} single-fixture-test
  (is (= 1 1)))

Built-in fixtures

Now that fixa has added the ability to have per-test fixtures, we can do more. The following are built-in fixtures provided by the library.


You can add a :fixa/fail-after to your tests which will make the test start to fail when the date is surpassed:

(deftest ^{:fixa/fail-after "2023-01-05"} christmas-decorations-test
  (is (christmas-decorations)))


You can add a :fixa/run-after to your tests which will make the test skip evaluation until the date is surpassed:

(deftest ^{:fixa/run-after "2022-12-01"} future-v2-integration-test
  (is (some-feature-only-available-in-v2)))



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