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Do you often have a deftest with long and deep testing inside, and you wish there is a way you can run one specific testing inside it?

If you do, then you should use test-plus, it's a drop-in tooling that introduces a new macro testing-only that conveniently making Clojure.test to run one single testing.

How to use it?

(ns test-namespace
  (:require [:clojure.test :as t]
            [test-plus.core :as test-plus]))

(test-plus/install!) ;; this only have to be done once, so you might want to include this in your testing entry

(t/deftest a-big-test
  (t/testing "first layer"
    (t/testing "second layer"
      (t/is (= 2 (inc 1))))

    ;; you want only this test to be executed
    (t/testing-only "run this only"
      (t/is (= 2 (+ 1 1)))

      (t/testing "And this will be executed too"
        (t/is (= 42 (inc 41)))))))

;; run the test
(t/test-run-var 'a-big-test)


  • [ ] supports cljs
  • [ ] Better syntax highlighting

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