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Sluj is a very small library for converting strings of UTF-16 text to slugs. A slug is a piece of text that is URL safe. Sluj can translate a wide variety of characters, including but not limited to cyrillic, and japanese characters.

This library adheres to the following:

Shout out to Trott/slug for inspiring me to make this over a rainy weekend.


Clojars Project

This project is available on Clojars, and you can add it to your lein project via:

[com.github.rawleyfowler/sluj "1.0.1"]


Currently the most starred Slug clojure project is abandoned by the maintainer, plus it has dependencies. I thought that I could make it better, so I set out on this project.


Particularly looking for contributions to the locale settings of the project, as there is no way I could create a locale for every alphabet myself. Also, the library needs a little work in the multi-byte characters department.


;; Simple examples
(sluj "Hey it's me!") ;; => hey-its-me
(sluj "25 ways to pet a cat") ;; => 25-ways-to-pet-a-cat

;; UTF-16 examples
(sluj "I ♥ Unicode!") ;; => i-unicode
(sluj "I ♥ Unicode!" :♥ "love") ;; => i-love-unicode

(sluj "Turn this ship 200°!") ;; => turn-this-ship-200
(sluj "Turn this ship 200 °!" :° "degrees") ;; => turn-this-ship-200-degrees

;; Non english characters
;; These were made with google translate, sorry in advanced.
;; Default locale is Russian for Cyrillics
(sluj "маленький подъезд") ;; => malenkij-poduezd

;; Change the locale if you wish
(sluj "маленький подъезд" :locale "bg") ;; => malenykiy-podaezd

;; Change sparator
(sluj "hi mom" :separator "%") ;; => hi%mom

;; Pass the charmap as a argument
(sluj "I have weird characters ☢ ♥" :charmap {:♥ "heart" :☢ :radiate}) ;; => i-have-weird-characters-radiate-heart
;; Alternatively
(sluj "I have weird characters ♥ ☢" :♥ "heart" :☢ "radiate") ;; => i-have-weird-characters-radiate-heart

;; Change the casing
(sluj "make me upper" :casing "upper") ;; => MAKE-ME-UPPER


This project is licensed via the MIT license. Please read through the LICENSE file at the root of the project for more information.

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