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Clojars Project

A Clojurescript library to simplify the use with Cloudflare workers, focusing on simplicity.


Clojureflare currently provides three functions, documented here.

  • worker, which routes as arguments and attaches the dispatcher to the worker event
  • simulate-worker, serving the same purpose. It acceps a request as a first argument and instead of responding to a worker event returns the response, which simplifies repl development. It avoids any dependencies that would limit the runtime to the browser.
  • route, creating a new route which expects three argument: method (e.g. GET, POST), path (such as /api/v1/ping) and handler (described below).

The Handler

The handler can currently be one of three types:

  • a string, which will generate a static HTML response
  • a map, which will generate a static JSON response
  • a function, which will receive the request as a parameter and returns a response map

The request is of the form of

{:path "/test" :body "{\"key\":1}" :headers {}}

while the response map should similar to

{:body "{\"key\":1}" :headers {"Content-Type" "application/json"} :status 200}

Additionally the handler function can return a promise which eventually resolves to the described map.

Example Worker

Head over to the example-worker to create your first Clojurescript worker.

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