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Persistent map with lazily evaluated values for Clojure(Script).

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Pronounced as [Zee Map].


  • Access map values with delayed evaluation as ordinary map values.
  • Pass maps with delayed values to code which should not care that values are delayed.


  • Keep pending delayed values not realized until used.
  • Do not mix zmap delays with delays created by clojure.core/delay.
  • Support IFn interface of persistent map.
  • Support transients.
  • Transparent IPersistentMap behaviour with minimal overhead.
  • The toString does not realize delayed values, shows them like delays.



The function zmap/wrap is used to wrap Clojure map having values created with zmap/delay to access those values directly without deref.

(ns api.core-wrap-delay
  "Example of `zmap/wrap` with `zmap/delay`."
  (:require [strojure.zmap.core :as zmap]))

(def ^:private -map
  (zmap/wrap {:a (zmap/delay (println "Init") 1)}))

(get -map :a)
;=> 1


The function zmap/update is used for delayed map update. Returns instance of the same type as input, so standard maps should be wrapped afterwards.

(ns api.core-update
  "Example of `zmap/update`."
  (:require [strojure.zmap.core :as zmap]))

(def ^:private -map1
  (-> {:a 1}
      (zmap/update :a (fn [x]
                        (println "Update")
                        (inc x)))

(get -map1 :a)
;=> 2

(def ^:private -map2
  (-> (zmap/wrap {:a (zmap/delay (println "Init") 1)})
      (zmap/update :a (fn [x]
                        (println "Update")
                        (inc x)))))

(get -map2 :a)
;=> 2


The macro zmap/with-map is used to make multiple transformations of underlying Clojure map with decreased overhead caused by zmap proxying.

(ns api.core-with-map
  "Example of `zmap/with-map`."
  (:require [strojure.zmap.core :as zmap]))

;; We work with non-wrapped map inside `zmap/with-map` macro.

(zmap/with-map [m (zmap/wrap {})]
  ;; work with non-wrapped map here
  (println "Inside:" (class m))
  (assoc m :a (zmap/delay 1)))
;Inside: clojure.lang.PersistentArrayMap
;=> {:a 1}

;; The result of `with-map` body is wrapped back to zmap.

(class (zmap/with-map [m (zmap/wrap {})]
         (assoc m :a (zmap/delay 1))))
;=> strojure.zmap.impl.clj.PersistentMapProxy


See benchmarks here.

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