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KSUID implemented in Clojure.

What is a KSUID?

KSUID is a K-Sortable Unique Identifier. It stores a time component besides the random payload and thus can be sorted based on generation time. This library follows the original Segment's KSUID implementation which has a 1 second precision on the timestamp.

Read more here on why to use it over other identifiers.



[com.github.toanphan19/ksuid "0.2.0"]

Clojure CLI/deps.edn

com.github.toanphan19/ksuid {:mvn/version "0.2.0"}


Import into your namespace

(ns my.ns
  (:require [ksuid.core :as ksuid]))

Generate a new KSUID

=> {:timestamp 261641632,
    :payload [-104, -49, ...],
    :bytes [15, -104, 85, -96, -104, -49, ...]}

;; Get the string representation
(ksuid/to-string (ksuid/new-random))
=> "2DdhyDxLNUQWoag0Webut0ahEVc"
;; Extract the time
(ksuid/time-instant (ksuid/new-random))
=> #object[java.time.Instant 0xda0dc02 "2022-08-27T23:17:06Z"]

KSUID from string

;; Decode a ksuid string
(ksuid/from-string "2DdhyDxLNUQWoag0Webut0ahEVc")
=> {:timestamp 261641632,
    :payload [-104, -49, ...],
    :bytes [15, -104, 85, -96, -104, -49, ...]}

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