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A cross-platform Clojure+Script asynchronous streams API - with error-propagation and transparent chunking. Modelled on the Manifold streams API and using Promesa CSP as its transport.


Implements a Manifold-like asynchronous streams API. The underlying backpressure-sensitive Promise + Stream model is the same as Manifold, and the API follows the Manifold streams API closely

(require '[ :as s])
(def s (s/stream))
(s/put-all-and-close! s [0 1 2 3 4])
(def r (->> s (s/map inc) (s/reduce ::add +)))
;; => 15

It does a few things which vanilla Manifold doesn't:

  • error propagation - errors occuring during stream operations (map, reduce, transform &c) propagate downstream
  • chunking - streams can be (mostly) transparently chunked for improved performance (through fewer callbacks)
  • uniform clj and cljs API - you can use the same asynchronous co-ordination code on clj and cljs
  • stream-joins - joins streams sorted in a key - it has various styles of join - inner, outer, left-n, merge, intersect, union - and can be used for a sensible constant-memory approach to in-memory joins with databases such as cassandra

The API comes from work with cold streams, but stream objects are just Promesa CSP channels, and promise objects are just Promesa Promises, so you can always fall back to Promesa if you need something a bit different

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