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Notify someone with something by email, dingtalk etc.

[com.github.yjcyxky/notify-api "0.1.0"]


(require '[notify-api.adapter.dingtalk :as dingtalk])

;; Setup
(def access-token "1fe1840503d9cb76277a48d79e9aa629ee6519e6437cd4aeeef194659ef4703a")
(def secret "SEC0068c84057217b3b8a32eeaa31d64b5c492116f431a7b641fa5558380661c81b")
(setup-dingtalk access-token secret)

;; Send text message
(send-text-msg! "This is a test.")

;; Send link message
(send-link-msg! "EXAMPLE" "This is a description for the link message" 

;; Send markdown message
(send-markdown-msg! "首屏会话透出的展示内容" "# 这是支持markdown的文本 \n## 标题2  \n* 列表1 \n![alt 啊](")

;; Send action card message
(send-action-card! "是透出到会话列表和通知的文案" "支持markdown格式的正文内容" "查看详情" "")

For Developer

Clone the repo

git clone


CAUTION: Some assertions may complain when you test frequently.

# Test the specified namespace, such as 
lein test notify-api.adapter.dingtalk-test


Copyright © 2021 Jingcheng Yang

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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