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Clojars Project

Clojure bindings for CozoDb.

Artefacts are on Clojars. For Leiningen/Boot:

[com.github.zh217/cozo-clj "0.1.0"]

For Clojure CLI/deps.edn:

com.github.zh217/cozo-clj {:mvn/version "0.1.0"}


In a REPL:

(use 'cozo-clj.core)

(in-ns 'cozo-clj.core)

;; open db
(def db (open-db "_test_db"))

;; run query
(iquery db "?[] <- [[1,2,3]]")

;; run query with bindings
(iquery db "?[] <- [[1,2,3,$a]]" {:a "clojure"})

;; close db, otherwise the native resources will not be released
;; until the program quits
(close-db db)

iquery will try to print the results (including errors) nicely and return nil. For non-interactive situations, use query instead.


This library depends on com.github.zh217/cozo-lib-java for its native bindings. Refer to its documentation for how it works, and how to compile the native binding in case a pre-compiled binary is not available for your system.

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